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The Lodge

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge  


As a global collective of Sacred Humans entering the 5th world ~ a world built with open hearts focused on Health, Hope, Happiness, Harmony and Humor ~ we all need a pathway to navigate these challenging times. We need community, family, co-empowerment and a bit of magick. Most of all, we must learn to reconnect with Grandmother Earth and walk as her student and steward. It is in this way that we walk in balance in our lives.


The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge dedicates its work to the sacred humans who share these goals. Our programs are aimed at awakening this human potential to deepen our connection to self, nature, life and spirit. We are committed to being part of the solutions and contributing to the greater good.


Creation of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge is the fulfillment of a long treasured dream. Having studied the teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path for many years in California and Arizona, Mateo & Martha deeply desired to create a home for these teachings in their beloved Pacific Northwest. In April of 2006 that finally happened! The first classes were held in our living room in Portland, Oregon exactly 9 months after the big move from Phoenix.


Today, the Lodge has its own teaching center, affectionately known as “The Raven’s Nest”, still in the Portland area.

Our community is a rich collective of like-minded seekers, enhancing each other's growth through individual perspectives, goals and creativity.


We offer classes, workshops and ceremony to provide a vast array of tools for transformation:


  • Character Refinement

  • Empowerment to Engage Life’s Great Challenges

  • Actualizing Your True Potential

  • Physical Mastery Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • And Much More


The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge is an authorized teaching Lodge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. We employ time-tested knowledge (the wheels and keys) of this ancient shamanic mystery school to guide participants through a journey of self-discovery ~ a journey of healing that reveals our natural self ~ the undiscovered self.


If you are seeking ways to grow, seeking ways to enact desired change, enhance your understanding of self and awaken your inner warrior of the light… The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge can assist you in living to your full potential.

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